About Us

Jane Turner

Jane grew up in Wellington, New Zealand and is of Maori descent. She has family in both New Zealand & Australia and retains fond memories of childhood vacations to her mother's homeland, Australia. She's lived in the US for twenty+ years, after living in the UK and Japan. A love of travel and passion for the outdoors prompted her to guide walking tours in New Zealand for several years. During that time, she walked all of the major guided tracks in New Zealand, and gained an understanding of what makes for a well-rounded vacation. A background in marketing and entrepreneurial endeavors coupled with her extensive experience on the ground, set the stage for Jane to start Active Downunder in 2002. 

Jane travels back to New Zealand & Australia several times each year, attending trade shows, scouting new experiences and accommodations, spending time with the people who are hosting our clients, and of course trying out new restaurants and local wines! Jane is an avid rock climber who also enjoys yoga, cycling, skiing and hiking (tramping as the Kiwis call it!) along with spending time with her handsome retriever, Dillon.  Her philosophy on life is that it’s better to invest in experiences than things. Jane has volunteered as a Big Sister as part of the 'Big Brother Big Sister' program. In 2014 Jane was chosen as 'Big Sister of the Year' in San Diego for their Bigs in Schools program.