Ayers Rock/Uluru

Bush Tucker and Reptiles
Join your guide for an adventure into the outback bush environment and discover the importance of traditional bush food to the local people and meet some of the reptiles of the region. You will wander through country and learn how the local people lived in such a hot desert climate and survived on a variety of bush seeds and animals. Grind native seeds, try your hand at throwing a spear and taste a selection of these bush seeds traditional and contemporary. Meet the reptiles and learn about these amazing creatures that roam our desert landscape.

Kata Tjuta (incl. picnic breakfast)

Travel to Kata Tjuta, comprised of large, ancient rock dome formations about 18 miles away from Uluru in Australia’s Red Centre. On arrival at the viewing area you walk to the best vantage point to see the 36 domes that comprise this spiritual place while watching the suns morning glow as the desert comes alive. Here your guide will reveal the many attributes of this diverse environment and describe the cultural significance of Kata Tjuta as a sacred Aboriginal men’s ceremonial site. You will also experience Walpa (Wind) Gorge, named for the whistles sounds between the massive domes. 

Dot Painting

Maruku Arts Dot Painting Workshop provides a fun introduction to local Indigenous Art. Anangu paintings are created for educational and ceremonial purposes as well as the telling of events that have occurred. Join local Indigenous artists and learn about the different symbols depicting Creation Time (Tjukurpa) stories. Then under the expert guidance of Maruku Arts and the local Indigenous artist, have a go at creating your own dot painting artwork to take home as a memento of your experience. At the end of the tour, pay a visit to the adjacent Indigenous Art Markets to see local artists at work.

Uluru Trek (incl. breakfast)

Trek around the full base of Uluru and explore the most profound and culturally significant monolith in Australia. Your guided trek around the 7.5 mile, you will witness sunrise, visit waterholes and the rock art sites of the ancients and learn of Uluru’s cultural significance to the Anangu (local Aboriginal) people. Take time out to enjoy your picnic outback breakfast as you listen to the variety of desert noises from the surrounding environment. As you make your way around the base, your guide will tell you a number of stories associated with prominent Tjukurpa (Creation stories). 

Sunrise Urluru Highlights (incl. breakfast)

As you travel towards Uluru, its vast shape rises from the sand dunes in the early dawn light highlighting its presence in this country. Your guide will take you to a special location to watch the sun rise over this amazing monolith and enjoy an outback picnic breakfast. After this short walk we will drive around the base of Uluru and hear the story of the Mala people before returning to the resort. The perfect sunrise tour for those short on time or who don’t want to walk too far. Departure time between 4:45am – 6:15am, subject to time of year. 

Night at Field of Light

As darkness falls and Uluru is thrown into silhouette, Field of Light illuminates. As far as the eye can see gentle rhythms of color light up the desert. The critically acclaimed Field of Light Uluru by the internationally celebrated artist Bruce Munro has now been extended until 31 December 2020. Overwhelming in size, covering more than seven football fields, it invites immersion in its fantasy garden of 50,000 spindles of light, the stems breathing and swaying through a sympathetic desert spectrum of ochre, deep violet, blue and gentle white. You can upgrade your tour and arrive via camel or helicopter.

Valley of the Winds

Welcome to the world of Kata Tjuta and the Valley of the Winds. These spiritual domes offer a challenging walk between these giant geological formations showcasing awe-inspiring scenery. It also features unparalleled views of the spectacular Mars-like landscape surrounding Kata Tjuta from lookout points along the track. Your guide will tour you through this sacred men’s area where you will see a diverse range of flora, and learn about the European history of this amazing region. Note: The complete loop is 3-4hrs and can be steep and rocky at times. Seasonal walk only available between April and October.

Uluru Tour (incl. sparkling wine & appetizers)

As you enter the National Park, it is only a matter of minutes before the spectra of Uluru rises from the sand dunes to demonstrate its enormity and presence in this country. Our first step allows you a photographic opportunity of this amazing icon. With Uluru looming in front of you, you journey toward the base. As you drive around the base, your guide will take you to the entrance of Mutitjulu Waterhole, a semi-permanent watercourse. You will see the rock art of the ancients and learn how Uluru was, and still is, a significant location for teaching Aboriginal people.

Cave Hill Tour (incl. lunch)

Experience Indigenous culture that will provide you with an insight into everyday Aboriginal life. Journey by 4WD, relax and enjoy a trip deep into the desert of the Pitjantjatjara Lands of Central Australia. Your Anangu host will show you magnificent cave paintings – possibly the most significant art site in Central Australia. The drama of the Seven Sisters creation story is graphically illustrated on the ceiling of the cave. Climb to the top of Cave Hill to admire a 360-degree panoramic of the surrounding countryside, including Uluru (60 miles away), Mount Conner and the imposing Musgrave Ranges.

Camel Riding

Take the ultimate camel adventure in the heart of Australia, the Red Centre. Be inspired by the stunning surrounds of Uluru and Kata Tjuta as you coast along the sand dunes some ten feet off the ground, letting go of your fears, with not a care in the world. Discover 130 years of history surrounding camels and the Afghan cameleers who played a pivotal role in opening up the outback. See the camel race track (home of the Uluru Camel Cup), meet outback Cameleers and fall in love with the “ROCK” star camels. Express, Sunrise and Sunset tour options available. 

Mt Conner 4WD Outback Adventure (incl. dinner)

Absorb the ambiance of the Red Centre without the crowds as we venture to Mt Conner by 4WD. Mt Conner is situated on a vast, fully operational, privately owned cattle station, called Curtin Springs Station. While the dams on the property were constructed for watering cattle, here you will find the perfect natural habitat for red kangaroos and a vast array of birds and reptiles of the Red Centre. While you enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, you will be captivated by the spectacular changing colors of sunset over Mt Conner before returning to enjoy a delicious outback dinner.

Tali Wiru (incl. dinner)

Tali Wiru, meaning 'beautiful dune' in local Anangu language, encapsulates the magic of fine dining under the Southern Desert sky. This open-air restaurant has magnificent views of Uluru and the distant domes of Kata Tjuta, and for unique ambiance there's the stillness of the desert at night. Every course of this exclusive four-course dinner is infused with ancient native herbs and spices. Taste items such as wallaby with quandong as an entree, while main course could be toothfish with coastal greens, desert oak and fermented muntries. Each dish carefully paired with premium Australian wine. Operates seasonally from Apr to Mid-Oct.

Sounds of Silence (incl. dinner)

Your night begins with canapés and chilled sparkling wine served on a viewing platform overlooking Uluru. As the sun sets, listen to the sound of a didgeridoo. Our staff will keep your glass full with a quality selection of Australian wine and beer while first course is served. As the night sky twinkles to life, help yourself to the buffet that incorporates native bush ingredients such as crocodile, kangaroo, barramundi and quandong. Vegetarian and other dietary options available with prior notice. After dinner, sit back and listen to our resident star talker decode the southern night sky. 

Desert Awakening

Experience the tranquility of the pre-dawn land under a canopy of stars. Watch the distant domes of Kata Tjuta come into view and enjoy a traditional Aussie breakfast in the open air. After breakfast your guide will explain the natural history of the region, and as the daylight reveals the myriad of animal tracks in the sand an insight into what activity took place during the night. Once the sun is up, enjoy a guided tour at the base of Uluru. First stop is Kuniya where you'll take a short walk to the Mutitjulu waterhole. 

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Located in the heart of Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon lies in an ancient Australian landscape that is sacred ground for the Ulpanyali and Lilla people. The 3.7-mile Rim Walk is a once in a lifetime experience. Climb up a 330 feet cliff face and walk around the rim of the canyon. Marvel at impressive views of sandstone walls, grottos, chasms and cliffs. Deep down between sandstone cliffs, is the Garden of Eden. Here is a natural spring waterhole surrounded by exotic plants and trees such as gums, bonsai looking trees and enormous ferns. Good level of fitness required. Note: Kings Canyon is located 4hrs drive from Uluru.